Friday, 21 June 2013

Comparing the Different Materials Used in Balustrades

Not many people may realize it but balustrades are primarily put in place in order to protect people from falling down stairs as well as porches and balconies. Aside from making a house look chic, homeowners also rely on balustrades in order to provide structural integrity to their stairs. In most cases, balustrades can be made of stone, wood, and steel. There are some who also go for glass balustrades.

Of all the materials used for balustrades, stone is the most common. Their popularity stems from the fact that they tend to last longer than most balustrades made from other material. They are also considered to be safer and are able to offer a more aesthetic design to any kind of home fa├žade. With a stone baluster, homeowners do not have to worry about customization in terms of color and texture. On the downside, however, stone balustrades can be somewhat cumbersome and heavy.

As opposed to a stone balustrade, an aluminium balustrade tends to be lightweight et strong and resilient. One of the many reasons for the proliferation of aluminium balustrades Sydney homes has is the fact that they can withstand corrosion better and are completely recyclable. They are also easier to clean as all you would need is some lukewarm water and a soft cloth. There are a number of aliminium slat Sydney companies that offer balustrades in a number of different colors and styles so you should not have any problem finding a set that fits your home style.

Although there are many aluminium balustrades Sydney homes that are quite happy with what they have, those who are looking for a more chic and sophisticated balustrade can choose to go for glass. Glass balustrades tend to provide a more modern look to a home. What’s more, glass balustrades are easier to clean as opposed to a stone balustrade. Just like aluminium balustrades, glass balustrades do not need much maintenance and does not require repainting every so often.

There are a number of aluminium slat Sydney manufacturers that also provide wooden balustrades. Of all the materials used for balustrades, wood is typically the least favorite. For one, it would require homeowners to repaint their balustrades regularly. The wood used would also need to be treated to prevent termites from settling in. With a wood balustrade, however, you need not worry about fingerprints, as wood is not really a good material for imprinting.

At the end of the day, the kind of material that you would like to use for your balustrade would depend on the kind of home that you have. Keep in mind that stone balustrades might seem a bit off if your house is primarily made of wood. In the same manner, glass balustrade might seem awkward for wooden homes and could even cause the wood to splinter easily. Of course, you have to also take into consideration the budget that you have. Stone balustrades can get a bit pricey while wooden ones are considered to be the pocket-friendliest.

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